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When you call (262) 783-SOIL for your ENVIRONMENTAL needs…

· Your call will be answered directly by our drill manager who will obtain specific information about your project.

· A field investigation date and time will be scheduled to meet the project requirements.

· Prior to the investigation, our drill manager or drill crew chief will conduct a site reconnaissance visit.

· Underground utilities will be located and identified via a one-call service and, if needed, by a private utility locating service.

· Under the direction of the client’s field professional, the site investigation consisting of direct-push soil probe sampling and/or drilling with SPT sampling, is performed with clean, decontaminated tooling.

· Contaminated drill cuttings are placed into Wis DOT-approved 55-gallon drums with lids, which are sealed and staged at an on-site location determined by the client.

· Monitoring or remediation wells are constructed in the open boreholes and are finished at the surface with flush mount (at grade) or standpipe (above-grade) protector covers.  Keyed-alike padlocks can be provided to prevent unauthorized access to the wells.

· Any open boreholes are abandoned with bentonite backfill material per state requirements.

· Any concrete, asphalt, or lawns that are penetrated will be restored with similar patch materials.

Click here for more detailed information about Wisconsin Soil Testing and our comprehensive drilling and sampling capabilities.

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