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Troubleshooting Tips

When your water delivery system is not working properly, often there is a simple solution. Checking a few common sources of trouble could save you time and money, and will also help us diagnose problems more quickly.

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No flow.

Check the circuit breaker for your well pump to confirm that it is in the ON position.


If you have a constant pressure pump, reset the system by turning the power OFF at the circuit breaker for 30 seconds and turning it back on.


Make sure that the ball valve on the supply line is open. The lever should run parallel to the pipe.

Low flow.

Check the water pressure at the faucet next to the pressure tank.  If it is low, the problem may be with your pump.


If you have full pressure at this faucet, check the ball valves on your water softener and/or iron filter to make sure that they are fully open.


Also check the screens on your household faucets to verify that they are free of sediments or mineral build up.

Water is cloudy.

Run an outside faucet through a garden hose for several hours or until the water runs clear.

Water has an odor.

If the odor occurs only when using hot water (or any combination of hot and cold) the anode in your water heater could be the problem.


If your cold water also has an odor, it may be due to sulfur or iron bacteria and your well should be chlorinated.