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Maintenance and Testing

With proper care, your well should provide a reliable source of quality water for many years to come. The National Groundwater Association recommends having an annual water well check performed by a licensed contractor. At Anhalt Well Drilling & Pumps, Inc. our Five Point Well Check Up includes:

1. General inspection of equipment to verify compliance with local code regulations.

2. Flow test including a check of the water level before and during pumping.

3. Performance check of the pump motor, pressure tank and pressure switch.

4. Visual observation of general water quality.

5. Laboratory testing of a water sample for the presence of coliform bacteria, nitrates, and other substances that may indicate changes in your groundwater.


As an owner, there are also several things you can do to keep your well safe and in top working condition:

· Keep hazardous substances (e.g. paint, fertilizer, pesticides, petroleum products) far away from your well.

· Maintain proper distances between your well and any kennels, livestock yards, septic/mound systems, outbuildings, or other potential sources for contamination.

· Periodically check the well cap to be sure it is tightly sealed around the well casing. Also check the casing for cracks.

· Take care when working or mowing around your well to avoid damaging the electrical conduit attached to the cap.

· Keep your well records, including the original construction report and any subsequent test documentation, in a secure location.

· Have your water tested annually or anytime you notice a change in taste, odor or appearance.

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