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At Anhalt Well Drilling & Pumps, Inc. our goal is to provide you with a safe, dependable well and water delivery system that will serve your needs today and for many years to come. The first step in planning your new well is to evaluate your water usage.


· How many people will live in your home?

· Do you plan to install any high-demand fixtures such as a sprinkler system or a multiple-head shower?

· Will your well be used to supply water to any outbuildings?


Answers to questions like these help to ensure that your well, pump, and pressure tank are properly sized to serve your needs.


Well Location


Prior to drilling, we will visit your site to determine the best placement for your well. Whenever possible, the well should be located at the highest point on the property to minimize the potential for contamination from standing water. In addition, there are minimum separating distances from buildings and possible contamination sources that must be maintained by law, for example:

· 2 feet from a building overhang

· 8 feet from drain tile, downspout, swimming pool

· 25 feet from a septic tank, holding tank, wastewater sump, lake, pond or stream

· 50 feet from a drain field, mound system, municipal sewer, animal yard or silo

· 100 feet from a buried petroleum tank

· 250 feet from a salvage yard or treatment pond

· 1,200 feet from an existing, proposed, or abandoned landfill site

Note that this is only a partial list. Please contact us with specific questions about your well placement.


Pump and Tank Installation


The size, capacity and type of pump selected will depend on several factors including the depth of the well and the amount of flow required to meet usage demands.

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