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Geotechnical Drilling & Sampling

Wisconsin Soil Testing, the geotechnical division of Anhalt Well Drilling & Pumps, Inc., offers a wide variety of geotechnical drilling and sampling services.

Contract Drilling and Sampling

Over the years, we have become a first-call provider of contract drilling services for some of the most prominent engineering and consulting firms in the area. Our experienced drill crews are proficient in ASTM sampling and testing methods to provide our clients with well-prepared soil samples and comprehensive Logs of Boring, including soil and groundwater characteristics. With a diverse fleet of truck-, track-, and ATV-mounted drill rigs, we can assure that the requested sampling locations and depths can be accessed, and that your job will be completed on time and within budget.

Turnkey Investigations Complete with Written Report

At the request of our clients, we will network with associate consulting engineers, to produce a finished, written report based on samples and data collected from our site investigations. The geotechnical engineer will:

· examine and evaluate the soil samples and Logs of Boring,

· assign any laboratory analysis that is deemed necessary,

· prepare a full written report of subsurface analysis and foundation design construction recommendations.

The report will also include finished versions of the Logs of Boring, laboratory test results, a boring location site plan, field procedures, and other appropriate attachments.

When you call (262) 783-SOIL for your geotechnical needs...

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