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Vertical loop installation

Anhalt Well Drilling & Pumps, Inc. specializes in the installation of vertical closed loop systems for geothermal heat exchange units. This configuration offers several advantages over other loop field designs:


· Vertical vs. Horizontal: Vertical systems operate efficiently even in areas where space is at a premium, and have a minimal impact within your landscape. Horizontal systems necessitate excavating a much larger area for optimum installation and operation.

· Closed Loop vs. Open Loop: Closed loop systems are totally sealed so that the circulating fluid never comes into contact with the earth. In an open loop design, water is pumped through the system from a well or other outside source, and over time, variations in water quality can impact performance of the heat exchange unit.


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A well drilling rig is used to drill a series of holes, typically 150 to 200 feet deep.

U-shaped loops of polyethylene tubing will circulate a mixture of water and food-grade antifreeze through the system.

The tubing is inserted into the boreholes...

...which are backfilled with high solids bentonite grout.

Finished vertical loops temporarily extend above the ground.

The loop field is trenched to a depth of six feet.

Individual loops are fused together and buried below the surface.

The loop field is invisible in the finished landscape.